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        Steel Plant Operation Case

        Hot-dip galvanizing wastewater treatment station operation case in a steel plant


        Project Overview: A steel plate plant is a famous enterprise that mainly manufactures high-grade cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized steel plates. Its products cover all steel plates for high-grade cars, and are mainly supplied by domestic automakers such as Japan, Europe and the United States, Guangzhou Auto's own brands, and mid-to-high end. Home appliances, PCs and OA markets. The company's wastewater mainly comes from the discharge of wastewater from various production lines, which has complex composition, large changes in water quality, and difficult to handle.
        The main problem: The wastewater has the characteristics of large changes in water quality and water quantity, many harmful components, high organic matter content and poor biodegradability, etc. It is not possible to use the ordinary treatment methods to achieve stable and effective discharge of various types of wastewater.
        Technical process: After analyzing the on-site process and various water quality conditions, the company's wastewater is treated with specific processes and two wastewater treatment routes are established. The No. 1 wastewater treatment line adopts the top domestic biological contact oxidation process and No. 2 wastewater. The processing line uses the most advanced cold-rolled wastewater desalination and reuse technology at home and abroad.
        Treatment effect: The indicators of the treated wastewater are all lower than the national Class A emission standard, in which the average COD is 30 mg/L, which can be directly used for environmental greening and can be used to raise ornamental fish. The project has repeatedly been commended by the local government and has become a beautiful landscape of the company.