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        GT-D01 Reverse demulsifier(Patented product))
        GT-D01 demulsifier for emulsion demulsifier, is the com
        GT-D02 Efficient Cationic Flocculant
        GT-D02 is a kind of highly efficient cationic flocculan
        GT-D03 Demulsification Coagulant
        GT-D03 demulsification coagulant is an inorganic polyme
        GT-D04Efficient composite coagulant
        GT-D04 is a highly efficient compound coagulant, is the
        GT-D03A coal tar remover
        The high-tech product GT-D03A coal tar removerr is inde
        GT-C01 COD removal agent
        GT-C01 efficient COD removal agent is the company's ind
        GT-C03 COD removal agent
        GT-C03, COD removal agent belongs to the field of inorg
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